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Amalfi Coast / Amalfiküste

The Amalfi Coast stretches from Salerno to Positano. A narrow and windy road with heavy traffic follows the coastline.View full post »


I could have spent lots of time in Salerno, but time is short on this journey. So I’ve limited myself to theView full post »

Santa Maria di Castellabate

I don’t know much to say about Santa Maria di Castellabate. It’s just another one of those towns by the seaView full post »

Marina di Camerota

Marina di Camerota is a peaceful fishing town with some decayed old towers and a big mobile lifting system for boats.View full post »


Maratea has 44 small churches and the fifth biggest Jesus in the world. The town is spread out all over the hills aroundView full post »


Diamante is full of chili peppers and mural paintings. In Diamante gibt es an jeder Ecke Peperoni und Wandmalereien.View full post »


Amantea was besieged lots of times over the last 1,500 years and was occupied by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, ByzantinesView full post »


This is Tropea, one of the most popular resorts in Italy. And the monastery up on the cliff must be one of the mostView full post »


Back on the mainland, Scilla – named after a monster of the greek mythology (or vice versa) –  isView full post »


Milazzo is the last stop on my brief sicily detour. From the distance, the place doesn’t look very pleasant withView full post »

Castel di Tusa

For the most part, the beach of Castel di Tusa seems to be a parking lot for fishing boats. Der Strand von Castel diView full post »


Cefalù is a small town with nearly 14,000 inhabitants and one nine hundred year old cathedral. A ratherView full post »


Despite the 650,000 People living in Palermo, the city seems a bit sleepy this afternoon. Yes, there is some traffic,View full post »

Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare del Golfo shines in the morning sun, together with its beautiful harbor. Castellammare del Golfo glänztView full post »


Standing in Trapani, you’re supposed to see the coast of Africa, provided the weather is clear. It clearly isn&#View full post »


The most interesting thing in Sciacca was the big, abandoned hotel up on the mountain. Unfortunately, there is no way toView full post »

Eraclea Minoa

Eraclea Minoa is a small holiday village at the foot of a large chalk cliff. The ruins of the ancient Greek city View full post »

Porto Empedocle

From the distance, Porto Empedocle seems like a dull, industrialized place. But up close it surprises with colorfulView full post »


Licata itself has not much to offer, but the surrounding mountains provide some beautiful views of the sea. LicataView full post »

Portopalo di Capo Passero

Portopalo di Capo Passero would be rather insignificant, if it wasn’t for Signor Bruno di Belmonte, who, at theView full post »

Siracusa / Syrakus

Siracusa has a lot to offer for culture vultures. The others built themselves an improvised bath. As always, I didn&#View full post »


The port of Catania was in great part filled up by an eruption of Mount Etna in 1669. Looking nice. Wedged between theView full post »


You can change directly from boat to train in Taormina and Mount Etna is inconspicuously letting off smoke in theView full post »


Messina is located on Sicily, Sicily is a big island and I said I’d do the big islands afterwards. But the ferryView full post »

Reggio Calabria

We´re in Reggio Calabria. The thoroughly designed waterfront features a monument to King Victor Emmanuel II (just in View full post »

Roccella Ionica

Although the beach in Roccella Ionica is nice, a detour into the nearby mountains provides a more interesting view ofView full post »


Soverato is just a small seaside resort, but with an incredible photogenic beach. Soverato ist eigentlich nur einView full post »

Le Castella

On my way to my next destination I came across a village named Le Castella. But except from the castle that gave LeView full post »


Nothing to report about Crotone, maybe with the exception of the nearby cape “Capo Colonna”, named for theView full post »

Cirò Marina

Cirò Marina is one of those typical tiny coastal towns. Remarkable: Jesus Christ and the seafront balustrade View full post »


Today, it seems that there is nobody home in Trebisacce. The beautiful beach is almost empty. I didn’t stay longView full post »

Taranto / Tarent

Taranto has a famous swing bridge which apparently does not swing for small motorboats. Too bad, but still pretty.View full post »


Gallipoli is divided into two parts, because the old town is located on a small limestone island. Conveniently it’View full post »