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Velipojë / Velipoja

Velipojë is my last stop in Albania. Unfortunately, there is not much to see except for a long, sandy beach with someView full post »


Shëngjin… Sounds like one of those chinese megacities, but translates simply into “St John”. And alsoView full post »


A road on a long dike leads into a lagoon near Patok. On both sides of it, you can see lots of small stilt houses inView full post »


Durrës is a charming, sometimes rough but very intriguing place to be. And there are almost 750,000 of those smallView full post »


At Zvërnec there is a swampy lagoon with an almost 300 meter long wooden footbridge, polluted with mosquitos and View full post »

Vlorë / Vlora

Only 600 cars existed in Albania prior to 1991, but it’s not so much the bad drivers that you have to worry about, itView full post »


In Dhërmi, some goats and 1,800 people are living in more or less beautiful homes with a seaview. In Dhërmi wohnen einView full post »

Porto Palermo & Himarë

I passed Porto Palermo and Himarë on my way to Dhërmi and took some pictures. Auf dem Weg nach Dhërmi kam ich anView full post »

Sarandë / Saranda

Sarandë only has a population of about 17,500, but it looks like a big city. That’s quite an achievement. InView full post »